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Five Reasons Why A Dog Is Special

A dog is a man’s best friend as what the saying tells us so. They are like family that makes our home a cozier and lovelier place to stay. They add color to our lives and help us get through the day ending it with a pleasant smile on our face. Having a dog at home is such a great blessing to all pet lovers out there. Here are reasons why a dog is a very special part of our life:

        1. Promotes Healthy Living

A dog teaches us patience and determination in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Every time we walk our dogs on the street, we also have our daily routine of exercise that gives us more energy for our day-to-day activities. Walking our dogs strengthens our cardio-respiratory organs thus helping our brain with the oxygen intake.

        2. Stress Reliever

After all the day’s work, your dog is the one that approaches you at the door with cuddles that lighten up your day’s struggles. Holding and patting your dog gives you a pleasant feeling that brightens up your day and giving your heart a comfy feeling. Research also imply that caring for dogs lessen stress hormones in our body. Dogs are like your comfort from all the challenges that you have encountered. They make you smile and lighten up the burdens you are facing. They also help you forget how tired you are from all the day’s hard work.

       3. Helps Your Heart Well

Keeping a dog helps you maintain your heart in good condition. Some studies showed that dog owners have an advantage of being saved from a possible heart attack. Dogs help you take really good care of your heart by having a happy and positive emotion in your heart. A happy smile is a very good way of keeping your heart well away from all the negative vibes surrounding you. Smiling is a very good exercise of your heart that keeps it healthy and well.

       4.  Promotes Good Mental Health

There is a lesser possibility that dog owners will be depressed. Dogs help their owner maintain an optimistic outlook on life thus helping them see the brighter side of every situation in their life. Research says that hugging and taking care of your dog lessen the symptoms of depression Dogs are bundles of joy that give happiness in every home that it lives at. If our mental health is okay, then that will give the body better productivity and excellent relationship with family friends and peers.

       5.  Safety Shield

Dogs protect the household from every burglar that wants to enter. They risk their own lives just to ensure that everyone in the house is safe from the enemy. When robbers hear the dogs barking, it alarms them to back out and not go inside the house. Dogs are very courageous guardians that serve as our safety and security blanket from all the bad guys wanting to ruin the peace in our home.

So what are you waiting for? Have your own dog now and have your best friend for a lifetime.


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Five Crucial Tips on Budgeting for Pet Care

We all have a responsibility and obligation in ensuring our pets’ health. Like humans, they also need to see a doctor and have check-ups to maintain good health. They are already part of our family like a best friend that needs to be loved and taken care of. So if you feel like taking care of your pets has cost you a lot of money, don’t worry! Here are some guidelines that will really be able to help you save and at the same time manage your pets’ health very well.

 1. Give your pet a regular check-up with your veterinarian

This will provide you with your needed facts on how healthy your pet is and if there are things needed to be done to ensure optimum health for your pets. It will also give you more details if ever your pets have an illness or not. It will lessen the cost you will be having once the veterinarian sees ahead of time the sickness that your pet may be having. Moreover, it will eliminate the possibility of major problems later on that may let you spend more expensively.

2. Be aware of your pet’s behavior

Be very vigilant to any unusual changes in your pet’s behavior. Check whether your pets still eats well. Check also if your pet still urinates and defecates easily. Any changes may mean that your pet has an illness. Also, observe if your pet still drinks water regularly. Prevention is better than cure that is why it will be very good if we check our pets to diminish bigger problems of their health in the future.

3. Take care of your pet very well

Provide the required vaccination for your pets. They should not go near sick or infected animals to avoid contamination. Guard them during walking exercise and put them on a leash to keep them away from eating poisonous substances on the streets. If ever they have ticks or fleas, consult your veterinarian for needed medication.

  1.   4. Provide Good Grooming for your pets

Don’t forget to bathe them regularly and promote a clean surrounding for them. Have ample time to brush the teeth of your pets to avoid dental disease. Ask help from your veterinarian on the proper way of brushing your pet’s teeth. Don’t also forget to clean the ears of your pet by using the right tools and right steps. Proper hygiene will help you save money on your pets are healthy, and you will not spend any more for an illness that will come to your pet.

5. Maintain Normal Healthy Weight for Pets

It is very crucial during feeding time that pets should be given the right amount of food according to their age and nutritional needs. Like humans pets also should not be overweight or obese since it will lead them to other health diseases and problems. Foods should be prepared according to the needs of your pet and especially the ones suggested by your veterinarian.


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Where Pets Are Allowed: Support Dogs

A small concern when people have pets is that they will not be able to take them out wherever they would like, so at times they may feel restricted to where they can go with them. It may also be a let down if they wanted to spend time out with their pet, knowing they can only go to a few available places, such as out dining or shopping. This restriction is usually for safety precautions, and when it involves food, maybe even sanitary reasons. No store owner will want to be liable or have to worry about someone’s pet acting out or attacking another customer. This could potentially give them a bad reputation as an outcome or the customer may retaliate towards them for allowing pets within their store. It all depends on where and what guidelines must be followed. But, surprisingly there are a significant amount of places that will allow owners to bring in their pets. A majority are actual pet stores, such as Petco, but some also include Nordstrom, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, the Apple Store, Lush cosmetics and also Bass Pro Shop. Though, there be a few franchises that might specifically prohibit animals. It’s always best to check beforehand whether they are allowed or not.

Now this limitation changes for those who have support dogs, which require certification for the dog. They are usually utilized when a person has certain medical conditions or impairments, as well as for anxiety. This would be known more as an emotional support dog but there are also guide dogs, hearing dogs, seizure alert, diabetic alert, and even severe allergy alert dogs. This requires training dog for these specific tasks and having them registered. Most will recognize them because of the vest or harness that they usually wear to designate that they are there for medical purposes, though they are not required to wear one. These dogs are usually required to be permitted wherever their handler is, such as in restaurants, hotels, hospitals or shopping centers. They are usually even allowed to ride with their handler in an ambulance, if for any reason it is needed. These dogs are not restricted to only a select amount of places as would a normal pet.


Now, there is a certain type of etiquette required when these dogs are out in public with their handlers and many people may not realize it when they see them. Though, the dogs usually need to stay in close proximity to the handler, not leaving their side for any reason. It may be hard to resist petting such an adorable dog, but it is important not to distract the service dog in any way. They are there to do a job pretty much, and petting them or interacting with them may hinder their senses to help their handler. It is possible to ask the handler directly if it’s okay to pet the dog, but most often than not they will say no and it’s not out of rudeness.

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Why You Should Pay More Attention to Your Pet

Best pet care practices

Is your pet acting out? Are they constantly destroying your home with their claws or their jaws? Do they chew up your furniture, shoes, get into the trash can, or even use your home for their own personal bathroom? Chances are, you have shaken your head yes to at least one of these scenarios. Every pet owner goes through this at some point, and the behavior must be eradicated for it to become less of an issue—otherwise your pet will continue to act out and be destructive.

Most pet owners are aware that if a pet is exhibiting weird behavior, or even just acting out, sometimes this is a medical issue. Your first step should be to take your pet to the vet to rule out any medical conditions that are causing their irregular behavior. Once you rule out any medical conditions, you can now rule the issue as a behavior problem.

You can spend money on a pet trainer, pet day care, a sitter, and so on. Those of us who have done so, know this becomes costly and just not reasonably feasible. However, how many of us tried paying more attention to our pets as a way to eradicate their irregular behavior?

Drop the screen and pick up the leash

In today’s day and age, we have become focused on technology; spending hours a day on our phones, in front of the computer, or in front of the T.V. Meanwhile, our pets sleep, eat, and go out (or use the litter box). Nothing more or nothing less. During this time, your pet will become bored. They, like humans, love entertainment as well. When your pet becomes bored, they are more likely to become destructive and act out. This is why you should pay more attention to your pet.

One reason you should pay more attention to your pet is because it provides healthy entertainment for both of you. You are no longer staring at a screen and sitting. Instead, you will be up and moving, waving a cat wand, throwing a tennis ball, walking your pet, and so on. Pet’s love to do things with their humans, and playing is one of them. Not only does this benefit your pet, but it benefits you as well. You are now moving around, instead of sitting still—something that is good for your overall health.

Another reason you should pay more attention to your pet is that paying attention to them establishes a strong bond. That strong bond will eventually eradicate their abnormal behavior. Pets have a companionship type of relationship with their humans. In other words, if you have their back, they have yours. This phenomenon is experience with pets who have a solid relationship with their humans. By paying more attention to your pets, you will experience a solid relationship and less misbehavior.

Pets are, in a way, kind of like children. They will do what you let them get away with, and will continue until that behavior is stopped. Our pets want nothing more than our companionship and our attention. By paying more attention to your pet, you can restore your home to its former glory, build a strong relationship with a creature that will forever be loyal to you, and you will experience a heightened sense of happiness as well.

Do Not Make These Mistakes When Feeding Raw Food to Your Pets

Raw food diets are beneficial to human beings. Recently, pet owners are also feeding their felines and canines with raw food. More often than not, they switch their pets to raw food diets because their pets have health problems. Some of them mixed canned and raw foods for their beloved pets. But, be aware that you may be committing mistakes when you switch your pets to raw foods.

Misunderstanding Nutrition Basics

Like humans, pets need balanced and complete nutrition. Failure to recognize this may lead to health problems for the pets later on. Raw diets include uncooked meat with additives such as organ meat, bone, vegetables, and supplements. Also, it can include some cooked vegetables or grains. Some pet owners combine raw meats with freeze-dried products.

Raw food diets have no established vitamins and minerals standards. The 2006 National Research Council based its standards on a dry food diet. Supplementing raw meat diets just to meet these standards may offer excessive, if not dangerous, nutrients build-up in the pet’s body.

Thus, pet owners must confer with professionals before deciding to feed raw meat to their pets. Some pets may lose weight on raw meat. A nutritionist can decide to add fat or cooked grains to solve the problem of underweight pets.

Believing that Raw Diet is Raw Meat

The raw diet contains raw meat, but it has other ingredients like cooked oysters or mussels, vegetables, eggs, bones, organs, and muscle meat. Variety can solve the problem of lack of vitamins and minerals in the pet’s diet.

Commercially-available raw diets have other additions aside from raw meat. They may include salt, cod liver oil, minced or raw vegetables, liver, kelp, cheese, and raw eggs. Some pet owners include cooked vegetables in their pet’s raw diet. But, pets find it difficult to digest vegetables. As such, pet owners must cook, juice, or mince them before giving them to their pets.

Ignoring Fruits

Fruits provide variety, fiber, flavor, and vitamins. Berries have antioxidant content. Watermelon or apples can be chew treats. Fruits can be stewed, diced, or pureed before giving them to your pets. Also, you can just remove the pits and give your pets the whole fruit. But, raisins and grapes can damage their kidneys. Also, do not give canned fruits with sugar to your pets. Fruits must comprise 30% of your pet’s diet.

Forgetting the Need for Supplements

Some pets need supplements. A raw diet may not be able to provide enough calcium. Pet owners who buy commercially-available raw food do not need to worry because such food already has balanced and complete nutrition. Those who prepare raw food at home must include ground oyster shell or eggshell for the calcium requirement.

Pets can benefit from flax seed oil or fish oil for their omega-3 fatty acids diet requirement. Seaweeds and kelp provide trace minerals. Adding supplements, minerals, and vitamins to your pet’s diet is important in keeping it strong and healthy.  


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Greatest Dog Parks in America

One thing that is most important to a dog’s health is exercise and how much of it they are receiving. You may need a fence company to make your yard suitable for the dogs to exercise. Even just for the happiness and enjoyment of the dog, it is always imperative to give some form of exercise during the day whether it’s running around the backyard or hanging at a dog park. In terms of dog parks, it may sometimes be daunting to some dog owners because of the potential for interactions with other dogs. Of course, this depends on the temperament of their dog, whether they are comfortable with other dogs or are usually defensive or aggressive. Majority of the time, it may as well be an asset to gradually have your dog familiarized with being around others. If an owner decides they want to take their dog to one of these parks, they have many options to choose from. Certain cities may have designated dog parks or beaches, or even neighborhoods will have one or two for their residents. Now, below are a few dog parks from all over the United States that will be impressive to dogs and even their owners.

West Coast Greatest Dog Parks

Starting from the west coast, there are a few to be mentioned in California and Hawaii. In California, a known dog park is the Huntington Dog Beach, where dogs are free to roam the sandy beach and play in the water as well. What’s great about this dog park are the amenities, such as beach clean up, public restrooms and grassy areas to play in as well. The beach clean up is really great cause a whole event is made out of it, with volunteers who sign up for the day to help out. In Hawaii, one of their designated dog parks is the Kai Dog Park, which is surrounded by mountains and large grassy expanses. Though they do not have public restrooms available and all dogs must have a license to get in, it may be one of the safest parks due to Hawaii being free of rabies. They also have smaller designated areas for smaller toy dogs to play in and be comfortable without the bigger dogs intimidating them.

Midwest Greatest Dog Parks

In the midwest part of the United States, there are also a few parks that have great amenities for dogs. One of these is the Washington Dog Park, in Ohio, and is unique in that the turf is made specifically for dogs and the available water consists of a creek made just for dogs as well. There are also rocks over the area for climbing. Another park, Shawnee Mission Off-Leash Dog Area, consists of a huge area for dogs to play in covering 53 acres. It contains swimming pools and wooded areas for dogs to enjoy and run wild, figuratively of course. Farther south, are two in Florida and George that tend to stand out. In Florida, there’s Bonita Beach Dog Park where dogs can roam freely on the white sandy beach and even get to enjoy special dog showers afterward. Georgia has the Newton Dream Dog Park that consists of safe dog turf, hoops and tunnels to explore and water sprinklers to play in. It also features fake fire hydrants and huge dog bone tunnels.