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The Best Pet for You

Pets can complement your life and can be great companions. In choosing a pet, you must consider your needs, lifestyle, and personality. The best pet is something that can provide a rewarding and fun experience.

But, not all pets are right for you as their temperaments and needs differ. Some pets need a large home so they can romp and play. Other pets only need a small place.

Types of Pets


Cats and Dogs

These are the most common pets to have. More often than not, people consider them first when deciding to have a pet. The primary reason is that these animals are easy to train and well domesticated.

Various breed of cats and dogs are available. Each of these breeds has its own temperament and characteristics. If you want to have a mixed-breed as a pet, you can also have it. In fact, you can choose one from the local shelter.

You will find it easy to take care of cats and dogs as a pet. Dog and cat foods are readily available from the discount store, grocery, and pet store.

Other Pets

Unpopular animals can also be pets, especially when the landlord or landlady does not allow cats or dogs in the rented premises. But, in most cases, these landlords may allow caged or aquatic animals. Local pet stores, online retailers, and specialized breeders can offer different pets.

Pets that Fit Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle must be your first consideration in choosing a pet. Different pets have different needs. You need to find a pet that fits well in your daily life. Also, you have to ascertain why and what you want to get from a pet.

If you have other people in the house, you also have to consider their schedules and personalities. For children, a pet needs to be playful and easygoing.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet


Do you have space indoors and outdoors for your pet? Can your pet acclimate to your home in the suburbs or city?

Physical Condition

Are you able to take care of a pet? Do you have the physical energy to take care of an animal?


Do you have an active or sedentary lifestyle? Do you want a pet to serve as an exercise companion or just to keep you company inside the house?


Do you have the money to take care of a pet? Can you pay for its veterinary care, food, and other daily needs?


Do you have time to spend with your pet? Are you always home?

Pet Characteristics that are Perfect for You

Your choice of pet will depend on whether you want a show animal, a worker, or a companion.

Show Animal

A show animal needs training, grooming and additional care. If you want to have this pet, you must commit to providing for its needs. Aside from the numerous rewards of having a show pet, you must also assume the responsibilities and costs of having one.

Working Animals

A work animal is useful in hunting, herding sheep, or guiding a blind. If you need it, not all animals can meet your requirement. You must consider the breed of the animal, as well as its needs.

Companion Animals

A companion animal can stay indoors or indoors. It can accompany you anywhere. You can opt for a companion animal that meets your personality.


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Six Alarming Signs that Your Dog Is Ill

It may be a difficult task to tell whether your dog is unwell since they can’t speak it to you directly. But health is wealth! And it is an essential part of keeping a dog to make sure that your dog remains healthy and taken care of very well. It may need your ample time and consideration. But don’t be bothered because you can simply observe these signs to be able to know the health condition of your dog. Just keep these signs in mind and have a keen observation to your dog.


       1. Excessive Vomiting

Don’t get worried immediately when your dog sometimes vomits when it did not chew well its food. But when your dog vomits many times in a day and also with signs of lack of appetite and lethargy then you need to take your dog to the veterinary clinic. If blood is noticed in the vomit, then it also means that your dog is sick. Some very serious reasons for vomiting are viral infections, poisoning, liver and kidney failure and gastrointestinal illnesses.

       2. Diarrhea

It is very much advised to watch your dog carefully to assess whether it has symptoms of Diarrhea. Your dog should be brought to the veterinarian once the Diarrhea doesn’t stop for more than two days and when it comes with signs like fever and vomiting. Some very severe reasons for diarrhea are bacterial or viral infections, poisoning, parasite infections, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and parvovirus.

      3. Lack of Appetite

Be very attentive to the eating habits of your dogs. Bring them to the veterinarian once you see a change in the eating patterns of your dogs. A reduced appetite may also indicate that your dog has sickness, especially when it comes with other signs as well. Some very severe reasons for diminished appetite are cancer, dental disease, kidney failure, liver problems, infection, and pain.

      4. Hair Loss and Itchy Skin

Severe causes of itchy skin and hair loss which needed to be attended by a veterinarian include endocrine problems, yeast, fungal and staphylococcus infections. Your dog must be brought to the clinic so that contamination to the other pets will be avoided.

       5. Pale Gums

You need to take note of the color of the gums of your dog since it is an indicator that your dog is ill if there is a color change of the gums. Bring your dog immediately to the veterinary clinic once you see that the dog’s gums are yellow, splotchy, bright red, pale or bluish. Severe cases of pale gums are due to jaundice, blood-clotting problems, liver disease, diabetes, hypoglycemia, anemia, shock, poor circulation, oxygen deficiency, overheating and carbon monoxide poisoning.

      6. Coughing

It’s a less severe case when a dog coughs because there is something that clogs in their throat. But if the sign worsens, you need to call a veterinary professional right away. More severe cases of coughing that needs immediate medical attention are caused by congestive heart failure, kennel cough, tumors, heart disease, heartworms, lung disease or tracheal collapse.

So better keep an eye on these alarming signs to help keep your dogs in a good and healthy condition all the time.


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