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Preparing Your Pets for Air Travel

You may be looking forward to your summer vacation. You search online for flights and accommodations. But, have you considered bringing your pet along?

Things to Remember Before You Fly with Your Pet

Ensure that your pet is familiar with its carrier

Your pet’s carrier must be a permanent fixture in your home. It is not something that you bring out only when you want to travel with your pet. It must be in an area where your pet can see and feel comfortable exploring it.

If you are going on a car ride with your pet, put it inside its carrier. Let your pet experience trips in its carrier. When it is already familiar with its carrier, you can go on and book your dream vacation with your pet.

Ensure that you check the airline’s pet policies.

Some airlines allow carriers inside the plane if they can fit under the seat. But, they only limit the number of carriers. As such, ensure that you book early. If you have a big pet or you missed the allowed number in the cabin, your pet need to fly cargo.

Airports require a certificate of health for your pet.You can ask your veterinarian to issue one. Also, put tag on your pet with your contact numbers on it. Airport security may require you to take your pet out of its carrier. If you have a dog, ensure to put a leash before you pull it out of its carrier.

Considerations during the Flight with Pets

Never leave food or water inside the carrier

Your pet will get wet or muddied. Your best strategy is to have some food in your bag for unexpected delay. To avoid vomiting and accidents, you pet can travel on an empty stomach. Your pet’s veterinarian can prescribe medicine for its motion sickness.

Remain calm

Your pet is nervous during the flight. What you can do is to put its bedding or your dirty shirt inside the carrier to make it feel at home. To soothe its anxiety, you can spray man-made pet scents on its bedding.

Engage your pet

You may be able to keep your pet on your lap during the flight. This is if your pet can remain still. Also, you can pet it inside its carrier.

Checklist for Pet Travel

Research for pet import requirements of your destination country. You need to check if you need to acquire an import permit or a microchip. Some countries require specific vaccinations, Blood Titer Test, and internal parasite tests. You may have to make quarantine arrangements and fill up a manifest cargo.

Schedule visit to your pet’s veterinarian.

Your veterinarian must check your pet’s health before your scheduled flight. If your destination country requires a microchip, have it before you have your pet vaccinated. Also, check for expired rabies vaccination. If the destination country requires testing, discuss it with the veterinarian.

Research on pet-friendly hotels and services.

Ensure that you contact a pet-friendly hotel before you book your flights. Also, check for an animal hospital nearby the hotel in case your pet encounter emergencies. You also need to bring its health records.


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