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Five Reasons Why A Dog Is Special

A dog is a man’s best friend as what the saying tells us so. They are like family that makes our home a cozier and lovelier place to stay. They add color to our lives and help us get through the day ending it with a pleasant smile on our face. Having a dog at home is such a great blessing to all pet lovers out there. Here are reasons why a dog is a very special part of our life:

        1. Promotes Healthy Living

A dog teaches us patience and determination in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Every time we walk our dogs on the street, we also have our daily routine of exercise that gives us more energy for our day-to-day activities. Walking our dogs strengthens our cardio-respiratory organs thus helping our brain with the oxygen intake.

        2. Stress Reliever

After all the day’s work, your dog is the one that approaches you at the door with cuddles that lighten up your day’s struggles. Holding and patting your dog gives you a pleasant feeling that brightens up your day and giving your heart a comfy feeling. Research also imply that caring for dogs lessen stress hormones in our body. Dogs are like your comfort from all the challenges that you have encountered. They make you smile and lighten up the burdens you are facing. They also help you forget how tired you are from all the day’s hard work.

       3. Helps Your Heart Well

Keeping a dog helps you maintain your heart in good condition. Some studies showed that dog owners have an advantage of being saved from a possible heart attack. Dogs help you take really good care of your heart by having a happy and positive emotion in your heart. A happy smile is a very good way of keeping your heart well away from all the negative vibes surrounding you. Smiling is a very good exercise of your heart that keeps it healthy and well.

       4.  Promotes Good Mental Health

There is a lesser possibility that dog owners will be depressed. Dogs help their owner maintain an optimistic outlook on life thus helping them see the brighter side of every situation in their life. Research says that hugging and taking care of your dog lessen the symptoms of depression Dogs are bundles of joy that give happiness in every home that it lives at. If our mental health is okay, then that will give the body better productivity and excellent relationship with family friends and peers.

       5.  Safety Shield

Dogs protect the household from every burglar that wants to enter. They risk their own lives just to ensure that everyone in the house is safe from the enemy. When robbers hear the dogs barking, it alarms them to back out and not go inside the house. Dogs are very courageous guardians that serve as our safety and security blanket from all the bad guys wanting to ruin the peace in our home.

So what are you waiting for? Have your own dog now and have your best friend for a lifetime.


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