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Where Pets Are Allowed: Support Dogs

A small concern when people have pets is that they will not be able to take them out wherever they would like, so at times they may feel restricted to where they can go with them. It may also be a let down if they wanted to spend time out with their pet, knowing they can only go to a few available places, such as out dining or shopping. This restriction is usually for safety precautions, and when it involves food, maybe even sanitary reasons. No store owner will want to be liable or have to worry about someone’s pet acting out or attacking another customer. This could potentially give them a bad reputation as an outcome or the customer may retaliate towards them for allowing pets within their store. It all depends on where and what guidelines must be followed. But, surprisingly there are a significant amount of places that will allow owners to bring in their pets. A majority are actual pet stores, such as Petco, but some also include Nordstrom, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, the Apple Store, Lush cosmetics and also Bass Pro Shop. Though, there be a few franchises that might specifically prohibit animals. It’s always best to check beforehand whether they are allowed or not.

Now this limitation changes for those who have support dogs, which require certification for the dog. They are usually utilized when a person has certain medical conditions or impairments, as well as for anxiety. This would be known more as an emotional support dog but there are also guide dogs, hearing dogs, seizure alert, diabetic alert, and even severe allergy alert dogs. This requires training dog for these specific tasks and having them registered. Most will recognize them because of the vest or harness that they usually wear to designate that they are there for medical purposes, though they are not required to wear one. These dogs are usually required to be permitted wherever their handler is, such as in restaurants, hotels, hospitals or shopping centers. They are usually even allowed to ride with their handler in an ambulance, if for any reason it is needed. These dogs are not restricted to only a select amount of places as would a normal pet.


Now, there is a certain type of etiquette required when these dogs are out in public with their handlers and many people may not realize it when they see them. Though, the dogs usually need to stay in close proximity to the handler, not leaving their side for any reason. It may be hard to resist petting such an adorable dog, but it is important not to distract the service dog in any way. They are there to do a job pretty much, and petting them or interacting with them may hinder their senses to help their handler. It is possible to ask the handler directly if it’s okay to pet the dog, but most often than not they will say no and it’s not out of rudeness.

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